feather bed

feather bed
a mattress stuffed with feathers
Syn: ↑featherbed
Hypernyms: ↑mattress

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Etymology: Middle English fetherbed, from fether feather + bed (I) — more at feather
a. : a feather mattress
b. : a bed having a feather mattress
2. : a markedly easy and comfortable state or position : sinecure
3. : a bed often formed in pools and shallow lakes by the crowded growth of stoneworts; also : a stonewort of the genus Chara

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a mattress or a bed cover, as a quilt, stuffed with soft feathers.
[bef. 1000; ME, OE]

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feather bed noun
A mattress filled with feathers or down
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Main Entry:feather

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feath|er|bed «FEHTH uhr BEHD», verb, -bed|ded, -bed|ding, noun.
to practice featherbedding.
1. to arrange (work) under conditions of featherbedding.
2. to employ (workers) in addition to those needed: »

... results in such frequent job changes that production is disrupted and laid-off employes often must be featherbedded (Wall Street Journal).

the practice or condition of featherbedding: »

They [railroad unions] cannot call an immediate strike to bring back the featherbed (New York Times).

feath´er|bed´der, noun.
feather bed,
1. a soft, warm mattress, quilt, or bedcovering stuffed with feathers.
2. a bed with such a mattress.

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noun, pl ⋯ beds [count]
: a bed with a mattress that is filled with feathers

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